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Unvented Cylinder

At Bapagas, we offer full design and installation of unvented hot water cylinder installation. 
If your property is larger than 150m2 and it contains more than one bathroom then it is most likely that you would benefit from unvented cylinder. Unvented (pressurised hot water cylinder) works on the basis of giving you the same hot water flow rate as that coming in from the water mains.

If you have a combi in your property, then the chances are that there is a flow restrictor fitted in your cold feed to the boiler by the manufacturer.  This ensures that the boiler can give the optimum hot water when the tap is turned on.  The downside is that when a second hot water tap is turned on, the flow rate is diminished.  All of this problems are eliminated if you have a correctly installed unvented cylinder.

Zone valves
At bapagas, we can also help you to save energy on your gas bills by designing the heating system to suit your needs.  If you property is larger than a semi-detached house then we can help you to divide your property into different heating zones, such as downstairs, upstairs, study room, playroom, loft room.  Installing timer controls for each zone ensures that when the boiler switches on for heating demand, it will only heat that zone and not the entire house.
Designing your heating system in this way helps you to satisfy part L of the building regulations and and ensures that your fuel bills are kept to a minimum.

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